Friday, March 19, 2010

String Blob

Sponge Bob, String Blob. Finished knitting the Flower Petal Shawl on Friday... and little had I realized until it came time, that every bottom triangle is it's own entity... with a beginning and end tail.

Ah well, I do want to practice weaving in ends so that they are not too detectable and so be faster and more clever doing so. Especially because the inside/wrong side does get some public visibility, this project makes for good practice.

The first weaving in of tail ends had to be unpicked and redone, it was too bulky and fairly obvious. Splitting each tail into 2 pieces makes a huge, huge difference, even when held up to the light. I'm not to the bottom triangles yet. Surprisingly, it takes a bit of time to weave in a set of ends, more so than I thought. Now I have extra respect for intarsia and color-work finishing.

After watching Sponge Bob with my nephew after having been calling the shawl String Blob, I totally have the tune stuck in my head! Who has lots of strings that need to be weaved...String Blob Shawl Pants!

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Do you see the face there? Triangle eyes, and the mouth?

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